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$3400/ mo
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7-day refund guarantee**
20 POP Credits per month to split between POP reports, EEAT, NLP, Watchdog and AI
Unlimited domains
POP AI Writer
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40 POP Credits per month to split between POP reports, EEAT, NLP, Watchdog and AI
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POP AI Writer
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5 sub-accounts
$120000/ yr
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5 sub-accounts
$12000/ mo
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Unlimited POP reports and Watchdog reports per month*
120 POP EEAT, NLP and AI credits
Unlimited domains
POP AI Writer
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Team plans start at 5 sub-accounts (you can add up to 100 sub-accounts)
Seats are added for $12 / mo or $120 / yr
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Included monthly POP reports

POP reports runs and re-runs generate POP on page optimization reports and recommendations, the core feature of POP.

If you are on the Unlimited plan or Teams plan, you can run and re-run POP reports and POP Watchdog monitoring reports an unlimited number of times.

Premium and Basic plan users can use allocated plan credits for POP reports or any of the other features including Watchdog, Ai Writer, EEAT and NLP

POP report runs and re-runs included in monthly POP Credits

POP report runs and re-runs included in monthly POP Credits



Included monthly POP Credits

POP Credits are used to run additional tools inside POP, such as POP AI Writer, POP EEAT, POP NLP and POP Watchdog.

Unlimited and Teams plans can run POP Watchdog monitoring reports an unlimited number of times





Watchdog limits

This limit shows how many pages you can guard and set POP Watchdog monitoring for in total per account.

Premium and Basic plans can track and have POP Watchdog enabled on 10 pages, while for Unlimited plans this limit is 100 pages and for Team plans this limit is 500.

10 pages

10 pages

100 pages

500 pages

Edit in Google Docs, WordPress (and 20+ other website editors)

Get POP recommendations directly where you edit in Wordpress and other platforms without using a plugin

Access to sub-accounts (Team Plans only)

Sub-accounts are used for your employees, contractors, freelancers, VAs and you can grant access to specific parts of your project by adding sub-accounts

Project level access for employees / client (Team plans only)

Team plan holders can grant individuals access to select parts of their project. That means employees can work on specific projects within the team dashboard

Secret Key

Give your content writers access to recommendations without giving them access to your account

Excel bulk project submission (available on Unlimited and Team plans only)

Unlimited andTeam plan holders are able to bulk upload POP inputs in spreadsheet format

Each bulk run costs 10 POP Credits

50 daily bulk runs, each additional bulk run costs 10 POP Credits

POP AI Writer

Put POP AI Writer to work on both generating brand new optimized content AND optimizing your existing content pieces

Google NLP

In the Google NLP API dashboard, you can find the entities and categories that Google has identified for your content, as well as the content of your competitors

E-E-A-T analysis

Optimize and improve Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust (E-E-A-T) factors on your website to protect yourself against Google's quality updates

NextGen E-E-A-T analysis

NextGen E-E-A-T uses AI and an 80-point system inspired by Google’s guidelines to evaluate your content quality and ensure it meets Google's standards for ‘good’ content

Content Editor

With the Content Editor you can edit the content of your target page directly in POP and re-run it after you are done editing. Once you have reached a good score, you can copy and paste the content from POP to your target page

Page structure suggestions

Page structure suggestions help create a perfectly optimized page from scratch. They include competitor averages for tags, images, videos and much more

Downloadable reports

You can download several POP reports at once

White label PDF reports (Team plans only)

You can download beautifully designed PDF reports with your company branding

SERP Display
Exact keywords recommendations

POP will tell you where you should use your exact keyword and how many times you should use it

Variation words

POP will recommend variation words to use that are critically important to your target keyword or keyword phrase

Focus recommendations & max recommendations

POP will give you recommendations to follow if you want to be more aggressive with your optimization tweaks

LSI terms

LSI keywords are conceptually related terms that search engines use to deeply understand content on a page

AI-powered Schema optimization recommendations

Uncover the Schema markup your top competitors are using and generate the perfect custom schema in a single click

Current vs target word count

POP will show you the target word count which is based on your competitors


POP runs through different filtering processes to get down to terms where LSI/NLP/TF-IDF are in relative agreement

Supports 61 languages

POP currently supports 61 languages

Competitor Display
Automatic competitor search

POP runs through different filtering processes to get down to terms where LSI/NLP/TF-IDF are in relative agreement

Focus competitors

POP runs through different filtering processes to get down to terms where LSI/NLP/TF-IDF are in relative agreement

Live support

POP live support is available Mo-Fr from 08:00 am to 03:00 am (EST), 01:00 pm to 08:00 am (GMT)

Weekly Live Workshops

During these free workshops our POP specialist will train you in the most advanced methods for optimizing easily and with maximum traffic gains

Enjoy these features on all of the above plans

POP Content Brief

The POP Content Brief gives you a brief to work off to create an optimized page or improve any existing page. Follow the steps from word count, keywords & variations and build stronger, healthier content for Google.

POP AI Writer

POP AI uses its best-in-class on-page optimization algorithm to create beautifully optimized pages and content for Google, without you having to write or optimize the content yourself.

POP Watchdog

POP Watchdog will monitor your pages and alert you when something has changed due to modifications made by competitors or because of a Google update.


Some of the strongest signals to send to Google nowadays relate to your site’s EEAT, (that’s Experience, Expert, Authority & Trust). POP’s unique EEAT tool displays the signals your site is sending vs your top competitors giving you a handy EEAT roadmap.


While keywords are still important, entity SEO is too. POP’s Google Entity feature displays the entities and categories Google has identified for your content alongside those of competitors then recommends terms to help Google's Knowledge Graph better understand your content.

Other POP tools

Integrate POP into your team's workflow with POP Chrome Extension or use POP’s Schema tool to see the schemas being used by your competitors in order of importance allowing you to basically copy/paste.

POP Credits pricing

POP Credits are used to run certain POP features. All plans include some POP Credits each month. Additional credits can be purchased to unlock features in bundles of 10, 25, 50, 100, 500 & 1000.

Credits do not expire.

If you connect your own GPT-4 API key, you can generate a POP AI Writer article for just 1 credit (1$) regardless of the article length.

Exchange rates of tools inside POP that run on POP Credits:

  • 2 POP Credits: POP optimization report run**
  • 1 POP Credit: POP optimization report re-run**
  • 1 POP Credit: POP Watchdog report run**
  • 2 POP Credits: Google NLP report run
  • 2 POP Credits: POP EEAT report run
  • 2 POP Credits: NextGen EEAT run
  • POP AI Writer starts from 4 POP Credits per 1K words

**If you are on the Unlimited or Teams plans, you can run, re-run POP reports and POP Watchdog an unlimited number of times.

POP Credits bundle price
A bundle of 10 credits costs $15.00.
A bundle of 25 credits costs $32.50.
A bundle of 50 credits costs $60.00.
A bundle of 100 credits costs $100.00.
A bundle of 500 credits costs $450.00.
A bundle of 1 thousand credits costs $800.00.

POP AI Writer exchange rates

  • 4 POP Credits: 1,000 words of new & original optimized content
  • 1 POP Credit: Generate or regenerate optimized title section / H1***
  • 1 POP Credit: Generate or regenerate list of optimized sub- headings***
  • 1 POP Credit: Write or re-write an optimized paragraph text***
  • 1 POP Credit: List, table, FAQs, meta description, introduction and conclusion***

***Each custom AI generated article includes 5 free regeneration credits. Learn more

Frequently asked questions

How do POP Credits work?

All POP plans now come with monthly POP Credits. POP Credits are the currency POP tools & features run on. They can be used to run POP AI Writer, POP Watchdog reports, E-E-A-T Optimizer, Google NLP reports and POP runs / re-runs.

If you run out of POP Credits, you can purchase more within your account at any time. Unlimited and Team plans include unlimited POP runs* but limited use of other POP tools and features.

* Within our fair use policy.

How does POP compare to other on page tools?

There are several similar on page tools to POP. POP is the only tool that provides edge analysis to show you where you can get an edge on your competitors and rank better. POP doesn't use any correlation analysis, third party APIs, generic best practices, or page 1 "averages" for our recommendations.

POP provides other unique features such as Watchdog monitoring, E-E-A-T recommendations and Schema recommendations.

The recommendations in POP are based on the extensive SEO tests that we regularly run on Google to determine what is or is not a ranking factor and which factors move the needle the most.

POP's proprietary algorithm coupled with machine learning technology provides enterprise level data (at not enterprise level prices) so that all SEOs regardless of skill or budget can compete for the keywords they want to win.

How soon can I expect results?

While on page optimization usually produces the fastest results compared with other forms of SEO sometimes it can take a little while to see results. Typically, if changes will have an effect, it can often take between 10 and 21 days. If your page is brand new, expect results to take a bit longer.

It is best to measure the time in SEO by Google cache dates. Google cache is a picture that Google takes of your website. Google gives you the time and date of each cache. To see the date, simply put cache: in front of your URL and click to search. For example, if your page was you would type into Google, and you will see the cache date at the top of the next page and the picture of your page that Google took. The 10 to 21 day estimate begins with the first cache date after the changes to your page have been made.

Does POP work in my language?

Probably yes! POP works in pretty much all languages. Currently, POP works with 61 languages.

Please note that for the NLP feature we use Google's NLP API and Google's NLP is limited to only a handful of languages. Here is a list of Google's current languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian.

That said, we haven't seen any performance issues using POP for optimization if your language isn't included in Google's NLP API list.

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