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POP API Add-on

For light API use, as a POP user you have quick access to the API through all plans. Just login to your account, go to Account Settings > Billing & Payments > API Add-ons, and purchase the API add-on for $10 / month. Once purchased, you will be directed to your API key and API documentation. 

The API runs using the POP Credits in your account — 1 API call = 1 POP run = 2 POP credits.

Login to your POP account and open Account Settings.
Go to Billing & Payments and select API add-ons.

Note: Unlimited plan users are restricted to 100 API calls / POP Runs per month included in their plan.

POP API for Devs

If you’re considering integrating POP on-page SEO data and page scoring into your own platform or application, POP’s API has powerful, enterprise ready features at very competitive pricing.

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What can you do with the POP API?

We’re continually adding new features to the POP API. Here’s what’s available right now: 

POP Optimization Score

POP EEAT recommendations

Google NLP recommendations

Recommended word count

Keyword variations

Supporting words

Recommended optimization for titles, subheadings, paragraphs

Over optimization check

Possibility to select location and language

Recommended optimization for creating new page

On Page Scoring

POPs proprietary on page scoring system gives you an easy way to grade and compare the on page optimization of any web page. Using the POP API, pull On Page Scores and compare them against other pages on your own website, competitors pages or even track page scores over time.

POP On Page Scores offer an easy and accurate way to add on page optimization as a metric to track and use in your SEO planning and reporting.

Get On Page Optimization Checklists

The POP API enables you to interface directly with POP on page recommendation data for a defined keyword and geo location. Pull accurate content brief optimization recommendations including:

  • Recommended word count
  • Page section quantity
  • Search engine title SEO recommendations
  • Header & sub-header recommendations
  • Paragraph content recommendations
  • Over optimization check

Use this data to improve the SEO optimization of page content. POP recommendations can be implemented manually by a human using a web editor or Word doc or using AI prompts (not included in API).

Test your SEO improvements by pulling your POP Optimization Score through the API (the goal is to get to a 100 score) and then sit back and watch the SEO performance of the page improve.

Improvements may be in the form of increased page impressions, increase in the volume of ranking keywords for the page, increase page traffic and improved rankings of specific keywords. 

Note: Improvements may take several weeks to occur after the page has been crawled by Googlebot.

Recommendations for E-E-A-T

E-E-A-T (which stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) is a crucial part of Google’s search algorithm and the Search Quality Rater Guidelines.

Why do you need E-E-A-T?

Having strong E-E-A-T signals on your site is a huge advantage, especially since the influx of AI generated content and most importantly, if your site discusses YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) related topics. 

So how do you improve your site’s E-E-A-T?

With POP’s proprietary E-E-A-T Analysis, that’s how! POP’s E-E-A-T report uses AI to scan your page looking for the signals relevant to E-E-A-T and compares them to your top competitors. We know that depending on the type of page and site, E-E-A-T can be more or less important, so what really matters is that your site covers at least the same E-E-A-T signals as your top competition.

Having E-E-A-T data available through the POP API means you can now offer E-E-A-T as a service through your own app, integrate it into custom reporting dashboards and mix it with your own data for powerful and unique SEO insights.

What do you want to build?

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Enhance your analytics & reporting data

Integrate POP on page optimization data into your analytics, reporting and dashboards:

  • Client facing reports
  • Internal metrics and KPIs
  • Marketing, performance and benchmarking dashboards
  • Google Looker Studio
  • Custom dashboards

Build new SEO features into your application

POP can provide best-in-class on page SEO data, scoring and recommendations for your new or existing SaaS, tool, platform or application:

  • AI Assistant / Writer
  • Website builder / editor
  • CMS
  • Digital marketing tool
  • Software plugin or Chrome extension

Integrate POP into your internal business applications

Integrate with your existing internal applications, like Content Managers, Analytics and performance dashboards, internal workflow applications to uncover new threats, opportunities and give you powerful, easy to follow prompts to grow SEO traffic:

  • Enterprise websites
  • Ecommerce
  • High growth SaaS
  • Companies with internal SEO teams

We created SimDif, the first Website Builder App, 12 years ago with a clear mission to empower small business owners to build and manage their own websites. Our challenge has been to balance ease of use for our users, clarity for their visitors, and actual efficacy in SEO.

Integrating POP into our platform has been a fantastic step forward. We were able to adapt what the POP API offers into a simplified experience for our users, who are generally far from SEO experts. It has only been a few weeks but we already see the early adopters getting real results.

In short, our users now have easy and extremely affordable access to professional SEO tools right inside of our website builder. Working with the POP team to deliver a meaningful advantage for our users has been has been a highly rewarding experience.

Yorick Vince
Founder and CEO at

Use case

Enhance your analytics & reporting data

The better the data, the better the results.

When your competitors are all comparing the same performance data from Search Console and Analytics, what edge does anyone have for new traffic?

Imagine adding on-page scoring data into your performance metrics. No one else is measuring this, they have a big black hole in their data, but you don't.

Your reports track on-page scores across your website, pin-pointing opportunities for quick wins, tracking on-page improvements over time and comparing that against page performance data. In short, it's giving you a whole new set of data to measure against that your competitors have no idea about.

If you’re an agency, imagine showing this off to your clients. They’ve never seen this level of reporting before. They’re impressed to say the least. You stand out. You are able to get better results. Your clients don’t leave, they tell their friends about you.

Use case

Build new SEO features into your application

SimDif is a website building app for SME business owners. It offers users full web design functionality through both phones and desktop computers.

Their users are not tech savvy but wanted the ability to be able to do some basic SEO directly within their website builder.

SimDif integrated POP directly into their builder enabling their users to give their web pages an SEO score and then do basic on page optimization without having to use 3rd party tools. SimDif users were able to upgrade their plan to include POP SEO from right within their familiar dashboard.

“Our users now have easy and extremely affordable access to professional SEO tools right inside of our website builder. Working with the POP team to deliver a meaningful advantage for our users has been has been a highly rewarding experience.”

— Yorick Vince, Founder and CEO @

POP API Pricing

PAYG API Access (pay up front as you go)

A one time setup fee of $50 gets you API access + your first 100 API calls. You can then purchase API calls as needed in the following bundles.

API calls
Cost per call

How to access POP API (PAYG)

You must have an existing POP account to access the POP API. Once you have an account, login and go to Account Settings > Billing & Payments > For developers. From there, purchase your $50 one time API access (includes your first 100 API calls). You can then purchase additional API call bundles as you need.

Deferred Billing API Access (monthly usage invoice)

A one time setup fee of $1,500 (includes up to 10 hours of technical support resources).

Want to discuss deferred billing API access with our team?

Cost per call
* invoiced in arrears on 1st of month, 7 day terms.


Where can I find the API documentation?

The full API documentation can be found here.

What POP features are available through the API?

The POP features available through the API include: POP Optimization Score and the POP Content Brief Recommendations for: recommended word count, page section quantity, search engine title SEO recommendations, header & sub-header recommendations, paragraph content recommendations.

What can I use the POP API for?

The POP API can be used to interface POP on page optimization scores and on-page optimization recommendation lists with your tools, dashboards, platform or application.

How much does access to POP API cost?

There are a variety of pricing options available for the POP API. See POP API Pricing for details.

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