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Revolutionizing Schema Markup Creation with AI

Having the right schema on your page can give you a powerful edge over your SEO competitors.

However, implementing the right page schema is often considered an advanced SEO activity and is commonly done incorrectly or missed altogether.

Enter the AI-powered, POP Schema tool to make optimizing your page schema a breeze. Uncover the Schema markup your top competitors are using and then generate the perfect custom schema for you in a single click.

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POP Schema

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POP Schema

Schema is one of the banes of many SEOs out there. It’s one of the pillars of doing effective SEO as it helps Google understand what your page and site are about.

However, getting it right can be daunting - incorrect or incomplete Schema can result in lost traffic, crawling issues, or even trigger manual actions on your site.

Here’s how the AI-powered POP Schema tool can help:

Spy on your competitors’ Schema

POP is able to recognize Schema markup just like the Schema Markup Validator. Find out which Schema types are present on your page and discover which ones your top competitors are using, prioritized by importance.

Generate Schema that Google will love

Let POP generate custom, tested Schema for you in just one click - or add it to your to-do list to create manually. Each Schema generation costs only 1 POP Credit, or you can use your own GPT4 key to use this feature completely FREE.

How does it work?

In this video, Maria, the POP CTO, covers how to generate a perfect Schema for your page using the POP Schema tool.


Message from the inventor

Schema helps search engines understand pages. As AI becomes more intertwined with search results, schema will not only continue to be an important aspect of SEO but will become critical aspect of SEO.

You need to make sure that the schema you have is what search engines need to completely understand your pages and POP's schema tool can help you get there.

Kyle Roof,
POP Co-Founder

POP Schema FAQs

How to get started with POP Schema?

After completing your report run, navigate to the POP Schema tab found within the main tabs of your report.

Which Schema types does POP support?

We do not support all schemas just yet. If we don’t support the schema you need yet, just request it and we will add it to our list to support in the near future.

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