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POP AI Writer

The POP AI Writer creates optimized pages and content for Google, without you having to write or optimize the content yourself. 

The POP AI Writer works with 62 languages.

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Kyle Roof about AI and SEO

“AI tools will not get you all the way there. All AI content needs some level of human editing. But POP AI Writer will get you most of the way there.”

Kyle Roof, POP's inventor

How it works

While all AI assisted writing requires some human editing, the POP AI Writer is a dynamic marriage between POP’s powerful on page optimization intelligence and the most advanced AI writing engine ever built, GPT-4, all integrated for ease of use inside the familiar POP dashboard.

Everything you
need to get started

We’ve heavily invested in making the creation of SEO optimized content easy. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Run PageOptimizer Pro on your target page and keyword to generate an optimization report.

Step 2

Open the POP AI Writer and start optimizing your page based on the report's recommendations.

Step 3

Choose between using your own subheadings or those of your competitors and base the optimization on their pages.

Step 4

The AI will immediately rewrite and optimize your content, inserting important keywords and phrases or creating entirely new subheadings and content sections.

Step 5

Provide content that you'd like the AI to use as a base for on-page optimization or let AI write optimized content from scratch.

A complete game changer for SEO’s and content teams.

The POP AI Writer slashes the time it takes to write and optimize content for Google down to just minutes, without sacrificing quality.

What makes POP AI Writer unique?

Most AI writers make you regenerate entire pieces of content each time you want to make changes, with POP AI Writer you can create completely new sections or regenerate specific page sections without having to re-generate the whole page each time. This leads to faster work with a higher quality output.

AI-enhanced content optimization

The AI content writer leverages advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques to rewrite and optimize your content, ensuring that it includes all the essential keywords and phrases for better search engine visibility.

The result is well optimized content that appears more natural to Google and humans and future proof’s you against algorithmic penalties.

How you can use POP AI Writer

Generate new content

Creating a brand new, original piece of optimized content used to be a job for an entire SEO team involving content briefs, SEOs, writers with back and forth reviewing, mark-ups and usually taking several days from start to finish.

POP AI Writer can’t completely replace your SEO team, no AI tool can do that, but it can reduce the process down to a single person and take a fraction of the time it used to produce optimized content for Google.

Optimize existing content

POP AI Writer intelligently inserts important words and phrases into your existing content.

Simply feed in your existing headings, sub-headings and paragraph content into POP AI Writer to have it instantly scientifically optimized with  powerful on page SEO data from the POP Content Brief. Take your existing content from a low Optimization Score to 💯in a matter of minutes!

Combine the two

Often you’re going to have existing content that you’re not quite happy with. Or, you want more human involvement in the content you are writing and optimizing.

No problemo. With POP AI Writer you can custom combine the optimization and re-writing of existing content with the recommendations and creation of new content, without even having to regenerate the entire article!


POP AI Writer pricing

All plans include POP AI Writer monthly credits which can be used to create optimized AI content. You can also purchase additional credits from within your account. Check out our support article for a detailed POP AI Writer cost breakdown.

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Credits bundle price
A bundle of 10 credits costs $15.00.
A bundle of 25 credits costs $32.50.
A bundle of 50 credits costs $60.00.
A bundle of 100 credits costs $100.00.
A bundle of 500 credits costs $450.00.

POP AI Writer pricing breakdown


Generate 1,000 words of new AI optimized content

4 credits

Generate or regenerate optimized title section / H1

1 credit

Generate or regenerate list of optimized sub- headings

1 credit

Write or re-write an optimized paragraph text

1 credit


5 free re-generate uses per page

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