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Since the early days, POP has come a long way, here are some of our achievements on our journey.

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Our Story

POP is the love child of Kyle Roof, Maria Dubretic and Andrew Steven, 3 SEOs who’ve been working hand-in-hand on various SEO projects since 2014.

POP founders
Andy Steven, Maria Dubretic and Kyle Roof

POP is one of the original innovators in the correlational on page SEO space and the POP team have been developing and advancing algorithms based around the thesis that ‘the secret to ranking is hiding in plain sight’ (Kyle Roof) since 2016.

Kyle began sharing his scientific SEO research amongst small SEO gatherings and has since advanced to become one of the most sought after SEO keynote speakers in the industry.

In 2016 we ran a lot of SEO tests and made some breakthrough discoveries. One major discovery was, the actions required to rank in Google changes from keyword to keyword, niche to niche. 

Another major discovery was that the secret to ranking is actually hiding in plain sight, as in, the best place to find what you need to do in order to rank for a keyword is to analyze the competitors' pages which Google is already rewarding.

We found a popular tool that did a good job of expressing optimization rate as related to your competitors. It wasn't perfect, but we were able to use the tool to help us determine if we were giving Google what it wanted for a particular keyword. In 2016, the tool took the feature away. As this scoring was at the root of our optimization process, we knew then that we needed to build our own…

POP founders at work
POP team

Initially we did things by hand, painstakingly counting keywords, variations, and contextual terms from competitor pages.

From that slow, manual process we were able to gain valuable insights into how Google weighted various on page factors and we used these insights to develop an algorithm that had a tremendously high level of success.

After showing the script to a few SEO friends we asked "would you use something like this?"  After getting a resounding "yes" we jumped all the way in and developed our own on page SAAS tool. 

We turned the counting and calculating formula into a script within Google sheets (hah, the irony!). After breaking many, many Google sheets we turned it into a python script that we gave out for free from the back of our agency site, High Voltage SEO.

PageOptimizer Pro (or POP) was born.

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