POP E-E-A-T analysis

E-E-A-T, which stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, is a crucial part of Google’s search algorithm and the Search Quality Rater Guidelines.

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Why do you need E-E-A-T?

Having strong E-E-A-T signals on your site is a huge advantage, especially since the influx of AI generated content and most importantly, if your site discusses YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) related topics. So how do you improve your site’s E-E-A-T? With POP’s E-E-A-T Analysis, that’s how!

"Strong E-E-A-T isn’t about 1 thing, it’s about getting as many of Google’s Quality Rater Guideline signals on your page as you can. POP’s E-E-A-T tool will help you to do that and many of these things will only take a few minutes to implement on your site, so it’s well worth doing."

Kyle Roof, POP's inventor

How do you build a site with strong E-E-A-T using POP?

POP’s E-E-A-T report scans your page looking for the signals relevant to E-E-A-T and compares them to your top competitors. We know that depending on the type of page and site, E-E-A-T can be more or less important, so what really matters is that your site covers at least the same E-E-A-T signals as your top competition.

"For instance, we know Google values knowing WHO the people are behind a website, hence, including completed person schema, author bio pages, and a ‘meet the team’ page may be important. POP’s E-E-A-T analysis will scan for these things on yours and your competitors pages and report back on what important signals you may be missing."

Kyle Roof, POP's inventor

How it works

Select E-E-A-T in your POP run

This is as easy as ticking a box when you run the POP report on your page so POP can scan for this.

Review your E-E-A-T analysis

In your POP Pro dashboard, you will see the E-E-A-T tab. It displays signals tagged for each of your top competitors as well as yours. Missing signals will be displayed in red and are explained when you hover over them.

Add missing signals

After reviewing the E-E-A-T signals your site is missing, it’s time to add these to your site. These are often simple things, e.g. like putting a phone number in your site footer or may require you to create Person schema linking out to social media profiles.

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