What’s My SEO Score? Easiest Ways to Check

POP blog author Kyle Roof
Kyle Roof
January 10, 2021

Optimizing your website as a whole as well as optimizing your individual pages is something everyone should be trying to do. It’s the only way to make sure your customers, clients, or audience can find you in the vastness of the internet, and that’s why understanding your SEO score and the easiest ways to check it is pivotal to your success in doing it — and doing it right above all else.

By checking your SEO score in the easiest and most comprehensive ways possible, you’re using specialist tools that can analyze your site and even your competitor’s sites too. If you’re asking yourself, “What’s my SEO Score?” then you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to give you an overall recipe for success with a list of factors both good and bad that you can change to work best for you.

What is an SEO Score?

An SEO score is an overall score out of a total of 100 on how optimized your page and your site may be. It looks for things like your domain authority, page authority, H tag use, Alt tag use, and generally covers everything you need to be keeping in mind for the SEO.

By working with your SEO score, you’re able to see where your page is failing, and that gives you the opportunity to work with your site and make things better. Whether you’re seeing missing data, data that is misformatted, or even data that you didn’t know was being looked at, you have a better all-round image of what you need to do.

Easiest Ways to Check Your SEO Score

SEO scores come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There are even different types of SEO. For example, Google lighthouse can give you a technical once-over, looking if you have all the Google must-haves in place. Whether they’re right or wrong is another matter, but this is the basic of the basics.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the services that give you all of the extras to make life as easy as possible. For the luxury of having all of this, you usually have to pay for it. This can range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month, so it’s worth making sure you’re finding the best one to use.

PageOptimizer Pro

After an intensive look across the SEO tool market, it’s difficult to argue with PageOptimizer Pro being one of the best tools to check your SEO score. It has all of the features that most other SEO facilities have to check what your website SEO score is, but it also has the ability to check for keyword optimization on-page — which is the real game-changer.

By entering your keyword(s) for the page, and even adding your competitor’s sites into the program (or letting it figure them out for you), you’re given a comprehensive checklist of things you can do straight away without any specialist skills to optimize your site to the highest extent possible. It’s great for working in any language or alphabet as well, making international SEO a dream which can be a huge help. As one of the least expensive tools on the market, it really is tough to say no.


Moz is a true titan of digital marketing. Their service is a massive force on the internet for all things SEO, and for what they have to offer you, it does make sense. They have a huge reputation for being one of the first to operate in the space, but they also boast some of the highest prices on the market as a result. For SMEs, it can be a really big upfront cost to come up against.

With that being said, they offer a small web extension like PageOptimizer Pro does, but the service isn’t based around this. It’s typically much more of a macro view of SEO, analyzing your whole site at once and your keyword library to determine an overall factor. While it may be useful for huge corporations, it’s not the most practical solution for those looking to really dominate with their core pages.


Finally, another easy way to check your SEO score is with Ubersuggest. This is a cheap and cheerful web extension and web app that lets you measure the overall SEO score of any site you like. It’s very limited in what it offers, however, and the free version only gives you a brief glimpse. But as an entry-level product, it does give an insight into what your site’s SEO score is.

The difference with Ubersuggest is that it’s not ideal for on-page optimization. It gives an overall site view, and tells you any issues a few pages might have, but not that in-depth of a look. It’s hard to really reach your full potential just by fixing the issues it outlines. While it’s a good and free tool, it’s not the best on the market.

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