What is a Good Domain Rating?

POP blog author Kyle Roof
Kyle Roof
January 16, 2022

Monitoring and improving your Domain Authority is a great way to rank well in Google. That’s why you might be wondering, “What is a good Domain Rating?”. Generally speaking, it’s advisable to aim for 35+.

The following article explains why this is so and will detail some of the best practices to help improve your score — and as a result your search engine rankings.

Domain Ratings

The Domain Authority scale ranges from 1-100, with one being the worst and 100 the best. You may assume that the top business needs 100 in order to be successful, but this isn’t the case. Some of the largest companies and websites do not have a perfect score.

Domain Authority is a comparative tool so defining what score is “good” isn’t possible without context. Whether or not your domain score is considered to be good depends directly on your online competition. These are other companies that rank in search results using the same keywords as you and are of similar stature to your company.

Increasing Domain Authority

You may find that when it comes to increasing your Domain Authority, it’s easier to transition from a score of 25 to 35 than it is to move from a score of 75 to 85. It takes time for your score to climb, but there are several things you can do to push it in the right direction.

SEO Practices

The best way to start improving your Domain Authority is through following SEO best practices. Make sure to optimize your page content by including title tags, image alt tags, meta descriptions, keywords, and the like. These elements all play vital roles in improving search engine optimization and will eventually lead to an increase in Domain Authority.

Great Content

Another great way to elevate your Domain Authority over time is to create likable content. Investing effort into creating content that people want to share will play a big part in increasing traffic and Domain Authority.

In order to create great content, start by focussing on keywords. The selection of these words is very important as it will affect where you show up in search results. You will want to choose industry-relevant keywords in order to get a strong foothold. Publishing frequent content will also help promote your page and get people to share your content. Consistency is a good thing in Domain Authority and will help improve your score.

Bad Link Profiles

Earning credible links to your site is a good way to boost your Domain Authority score, but poor links can have an adverse effect. Some linked websites can hurt your Domain Authority score and you will want to avoid these as a result. You can use a domain checker to check backlinks and spot these websites that can potentially harm your score. Once you’ve spotted these, you may want to ask the owners of these websites to remove their links to yours.

This is also relevant to links found on your website, so make sure to take the time to rid yourself of any bad links that can be found and fix broken ones. Removing these negative links will help increase your score over time as your only remaining links will be credible and authoritative.

Internal Links

External links are a big focus of increasing your domain ranking, but internal links should not be disregarded. Internal links can improve your SEO ranking by keeping leads on your website for longer periods of time.

Whenever you create new content for your website, it’s worth linking it to other content on your website. This keeps people engaged for longer and allows search engines to index your pages, leading to more frequent appearances in search results.

Mobile Optimization

Mobiles are being increasingly used to access the internet over more traditional methods like desktops and laptops. As such, mobile-friendly sites rank higher by search engines and will help you achieve a better Domain Authority score.

Responsive sites make viewing and sharing content easier which boosts domain scores. Make sure that your site scales to mobile and tablet devices and has mobile elements that make the whole browsing process more straightforward. Fast loading sites will also score better and are a great area to focus on if you want to improve your Domain Authority score.

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