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437% increase in clicks for non-branded keywords. But how?

High Voltage SEO
B2B for cultural awareness training and allyship accreditation
Client’s Budget:
increase in the number of ranking search queries
increase in clicks for non-branded keywords
improvement in the average position
growth in impressions

About High Voltage SEO

High Voltage SEO, co-founded by Kyle Roof and Andrew Steven, is a leading SEO agency known for its scientific approach, relying on over 400 conducted experiments to offer data-driven SEO strategies. The agency specializes in custom SEO solutions, including technical audits, on-page optimization, content marketing, and link building for businesses of all sizes and industries. 

High Voltage SEO agency got approached by a B2B company in a niche market - cultural awareness training, practical reconciliation, and allyship accreditation. The company struggled to increase leads and awareness for their training programs, particularly targeting large corporate contracts. They hired High Voltage SEO to help increase traffic and generate more leads.

By combining POP with High Voltage SEO’s own SEO workflow, the client drove a 437% increase in clicks and a 427% increase in impressions for non-branded keywords, with a 2.6% improvement in click-through rate and a 20.1% improvement in average position.

The Challenge

As a B2B company offering professional services, the client’s main goal was to increase lead generation, particularly targeting larger corporate clients. 

When they approached High Voltage SEO, they faced several key challenges that needed to be addressed through SEO efforts: 

Despite being an established brand in their industry, the client’s online presence and visibility did not match their reputation. Their website suffered from issues with indexing and a limited presence in the SERPs, hindering their ability to reach a broader audience organically.

Besides, HVSEO’s initial analysis with POP revealed gaps in their client’s content strategy as well as missed opportunities to address topics where their competitors were ranking successfully. 

They lacked comprehensive, informative resources that effectively addressed their target audience's pain points and demonstrated their expertise in cultural awareness, reconciliation, and allyship.

The client operated in a niche market, dealing with culturally and politically sensitive topics. This meant High Voltage SEO had to carefully navigate the content creation and promotion process while respecting the subject matter's nuances and avoiding potential controversies.

Apart from organic social media and SEO, the client had not invested in other digital marketing channels, such as paid advertising. This placed a greater emphasis on the success of the SEO campaign to drive meaningful results.

This case study provides valuable insights into how to use POP to achieve SEO success in a niche B2B market.

The Solution

Below you’ll find a list of all activities High Voltage SEO performed to successfully help the client achieve their main goal - increase lead generation. Let's dive into the workflow:

Step 1: Technical SEO Audit

The first step was to conduct a thorough technical SEO audit to identify and resolve any underlying issues that could hinder the website's performance. This included analyzing factors such as site speed, mobile responsiveness, indexability, and site architecture. By addressing these technical aspects, High Voltage SEO ensured that the website provided a seamless user experience and was easily crawlable by search engines.

Step 2: On-Page Optimization with POP (custom set-up)

The SEO agency dedicated significant efforts to optimizing various components of the client’s website for targeted keywords and topics:

Homepage Optimization

As the most crucial and frequently visited page on a website, the homepage required detailed optimization. POP's on-page analysis tool suggested title tag and H1 revisions and the addition of H2 and H3 headings based on secondary keyword targets. By implementing these recommendations, the team at High Voltage SEO ensured that the client’s homepage accurately represented their offerings while targeting relevant keywords, improving their visibility in search engines.

Course Category Page Optimization

These pages served as gateways to specific course offerings. High Voltage SEO optimized them for relevant course-related keywords, ensuring clear navigation and categorization.

Individual Course Page Optimization

Each course page received meticulous attention, with optimized titles, descriptions, and content to align with user intent and target relevant search queries.

Blog Post Optimization 

Recognizing the importance of quality content, High Voltage SEO optimized existing blog posts and created new ones to address common questions, pain points, and industry trends related to cultural awareness, reconciliation, and allyship.

Step 3: Schema Markup Implementation 

To enhance the website's search appearance and provide users with richer information, HVSEO implemented schema markup. POP's schema markup recommendations helped incorporate structured data that allowed search engines to better understand and display relevant details about client’s courses, events, and other offerings, improving the visibility and appeal of their listings in the search results.

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Step 4: Content Marketing and Topical Authority

Building upon High Voltage SEO’s keyword research and content gap analysis, they developed a comprehensive content plan with a strategic silo structure and internal linking strategy. This involved creating high-quality, informative articles, guides, and resources to establish their client as a thought leader, addressing their target audience's pain points, answering common questions, and providing valuable insights into cultural awareness, reconciliation, and allyship. This approach aimed to solidify their topical relevance and authority across the website.

Step 5: Link Building

To improve the website's authority and trust signals the agency executed a strategic link-building campaign.

Step 6: Local SEO Optimization

As the client offered location-based services, High Voltage SEO optimized their Google My Business listing with accurate business information, categories, and descriptions. Additionally, they built local citations on authoritative directories to improve their visibility in local search results.

Step 7: Review Management

Positive reviews and customer testimonials can significantly impact a business's online reputation and search rankings. HVSEO encouraged the clients' customers to leave reviews on their Google My Business listing, further boosting their local search presence and social proof.

Throughout the implementation process, High Voltage SEO remained mindful of the culturally and politically sensitive nature of the client’s offerings. Therefore, the content creation and promotion strategies were carefully curated to respect the nuances of these topics while effectively communicating the value and expertise of client’s services.

Additionally, the agency focused on repurposing and refreshing existing thin content pages by adding relevant, high-quality information and optimizing them for targeted keywords. This approach ensured that the website provided a comprehensive resource for users seeking information on cultural awareness, reconciliation, and allyship.


Through High Voltage SEO efforts, their client has grown even more into a trusted thought leader, expanding their impact and raising awareness about their cause. Their enhanced online presence and high-quality content have positioned them as a go-to resource for cultural awareness, reconciliation, and allyship.

Sitewide Performance Improvements: 

Comparing the last 3 months to the previous period (based on Australian data only), clicks increased by 16.2%, impressions grew by 4.2%, the click-through rate improved by 12.2%, and the average position increased by 2.6%.

Significant Traffic Boost for Key Events:

Around the National Day of Australia on January 26th, 2024 (compared to the same period in 2023), the client witnessed an 80% increase in clicks, a 112% increase in impressions, and an 18% improvement in click-through rate, with a stable average position (Australian data only).

Non-Branded Keyword Growth: 

In the last 28 days, compared to the same period last year, clicks and impressions for non-branded keywords increased by a staggering 437.3% and 427.3%, respectively, with a 2.6% improvement in click-through rate and a 20.1% improvement in average position (Australian data only).

Keyword Ranking and Traffic Value Improvements: 

POP's Content Editor aided in creating clear, topically relevant content, directly contributing to client's topical authority. This is reflected in the number of ranking search queries increasing by 372.8%, impressions growing by 1,263.5%, and clicks surging by 4,181.5% when comparing 2023 to the previous year.

Page-Specific Successes:

The "Cultural Awareness Training" page saw a 36% increase in clicks, an 86% increase in impressions, and a 31% improvement in click-through rate compared to the previous year (Australian data only).

A blog post targeting the keyword "History of Australia Day" experienced a remarkable 2,284% increase in clicks, an 855% increase in impressions, a 136% improvement in click-through rate, and a 10-position improvement in average position (Australian data only, comparing the last 28 days to the same period last year).

Since partnering with the agency and implementing their SEO strategy, the client has secured bigger contracts, a testament to their increased visibility and credibility in the market.

Their exceptional work and impact have been recognized on a national scale, as they were recently awarded the prestigious National Building Communities Winner at the 2024 Telstra Best of Business Awards.

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