For most users, the POP PRO is the main dashboard for optimization data and is suitable for SEOs from beginner through to advanced. POP Pro is broken up into four subsections, the Content Brief, Content Prompts, E-E-A-T and Google Entities. We break down the features and benefits of each in the section below.

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POP Pro Brief

Optimization recommendations that won’t result in penalties

Based on Kyle Roof’s scientific on page SEO method

POP Pro’s advanced algorithm is the result of ongoing Google tests. Kyle Roof, POP’s inventor, has personally overseen more than 400 tests and has a US patent for his method to isolate Google ranking signals. 

POP Pro is like having a top level SEO looking over your shoulder and giving you the best advice

Recommendations from POP Pro are not simply presenting correlational data but rather the POP Pro algorithm is actually making decisions, filtering out potentially risky recommendations that may be seen by Google as ‘keyword stuffing’ and instead focuses on relevant NLP and keyword variations.

Great on page is the foundation to ranking

The result is well optimized content that appears more natural to Google and humans and future proof’s you against algorithmic penalties.

What’s in POP Pro?

Content Brief

In the Content Brief tab you will find the standard data you need to scientifically optimize your pages. You’ll find your Optimization Score (out of 100), your word count target, primary and secondary word placement recommendations, NLP recommendations and page section data.

Content Prompts

The Content Prompts tab gives you ideas for both page structuring as well as topical coverage. Get target volumes for various sub headings, find recommendations for related keywords, related questions you can answer on your page as well as a list of competitor page titles.


E-E-A-T has become a very significant factor for ranking in modern SEO and it’s misunderstood or even overlooked or by many. The E-E-A-T tab provides unique value by listing E-E-A-T signals being valued by Google on your site versus your top competitors

Google Entities

The Google Entities tab will show you the entities and categories that Google has identified for your content, as well as that of your competitors. Even if categorized correctly, there may be entities that you are missing. Adding the identified missing entities to your page can help you stay ahead of Google’s AI capabilities.

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