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POP Custom is designed for the SEO who knows their exact situation and are looking for very specific information to optimize their pages with. The level of customized data available is very powerful but can be overwhelming so is mostly suited to those who like to get ‘under the hood’ and create their own process.

You can customize your input with the specific competitors you want analyzed or certain terms you want counted and you can customize the output in terms of how aggressive you want your optimization to be.

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One of the most flexible and powerful SEO tools out there

For those with specific optimization data requirements, POP Custom is for you. Whatever your need, whatever your niche, whatever your competition, POP Custom can give you the data you need, from Schema insights, through to LSI lists and data on specific competitors.

There are high risk, high reward optimization strategies that advanced SEOs want to experiment with, however  most on page SEO tools do not give access to specific custom data in fear of it being abused or misused. POP Custom pulls back the curtain and enables users to access the specific data needed to go after these edge cases.

What’s in POP Custom?

Access to detailed and specific data to help advanced SEOs take advantage of edge case opportunities and pull back the curtains on what specific competitors are doing.

Main Report

This is the same report as the Content Brief within your POP PRO dashboard, but the Custom run gives you the opportunity to tweak everything from competitors to LSI and variations.

To-do List

The To-do list is broken down into Strategy and Approach. You have a range of various Strategy approaches from all competitors, adjusted word count, specific competitors and more. With Approach, you have the ability to tune your optimization recommendations between conservative or dial it up to hyper aggressive.


Schema is great for helping search engines understand the structure of your pages. Use this tab to understand how your page's schema compares with your competitors and even click on the recommended schema to copy and paste it from a template for use on your own page.

Compare Data

Compare data is another legacy feature that now lives in POP Custom. Use it to compare different signals scores, like maximum vs target page and focus competitors vs target page.

LSI & Variation

The LSI & Variations tab displays all suggested keyword variations in one place, divided by Variation terms and LSI terms and ordered from most important to least important.

Page Structure

Page structure is used to get html tag recommendations for your page structure. All the html tags listed are tested ranking factors in Google.


The Dashboard tab gives you an overview of the page run. Using the heat map visual, see where you sit against your competitors on word count, LSI, variations, entities and other optimization signals.

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