POP Content Editor

POP’s Content Editor allows you to optimize your web page, just like inside your website editor, without the risk of saving over existing content you may want to check or revise.

Easily work your way down your optimization checklist on the right and implement and save changes on your left, without affecting your actual web page. Then when you’re finished you can download and export your optimized code.

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Risk free on-page optimization

Use the POP Content Editor to see how changes will affect your page

With the POP Content Editor you can do your on page optimization work safely within POP and save it directly to your page run report. All plans get access to the content editor but Unlimited and Agency plans get login free access to the editor through a private URL. Share the private URL with your content team or freelancers so that they do not need to log into the main account.

Intuitive and easy to use

POP recommendations appear right in the editor. Checking your optimization scores and term counts in the content editor happens in near real time and does not count as a report credit. The content editor is built on a familiar writing and editing interface. 

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Works in any language and alphabet.

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