POP Chrome Extension

Integrate POP natively into your content team's workflow. The POP Chrome Extension puts POP recommendations on the screen, right where you are working, inside Google Docs or most major website platforms, such as Wordpress and Shopify. So wherever your team does their optimization, POP can be right there.

No more switching back and forth between your content and your optimization reports

Get your recommendations right where you work

With the POP Chrome Extension your POP recommendations can now be overlaid right inside your content editor, whether that be a Google Doc or most major website platforms such as Wordpress or Shopify. It’s a huge timesaver and substantially less hassle than switching back and forth between optimization reports and your content editor.

Streamline your process with POP Secret Key

Not only that but as an Unlimited or Team plan user you get access to POP Secret Keys which allow admins or content managers to run optimization reports and hand off the work to team members or freelancers to optimize pages without having access to your POP account.

Real time score updates

The POP Chrome Extension checks counts and scores in real time, as you work.  You don't have to wait for a full run or rerun to happen, you get your scores and counts almost instantly.  Additionally, using the extension does not count as a report credit in POP - great for those on limited credit plans.

How does it work?

Run a POP Report

You can run a new POP report or use a previous run already stored in your POP project dashboard. You can now get ready to copy the POP Secret Key from your page run card or your Content Brief.

Download & Install the Chrome Extension

From inside your POP account menu navigate to POP Chrome Extension and follow the prompts to download and install. Once installed in your Chrome browser you now can choose between accessing your report either by logging into the extension or by using your Secret Key.

Optimize in Content Editor

Now you’re ready to start your optimization. Login to your website editor and navigate to the correct page or go to the Google Doc where you’re working. Now click on the POP Chrome Extension, put in your Secret Key or login to your POP account and away you go!

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