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About POP

POP is a computational competitor analysis tool for on-page SEO. Based on Kyle Roof’s Scientific On Page Method, POP compares and analyzes your top competitor pages. POP then provides you with useful and actionable data that is easy to read.

In other words, POP tells you, in simple language, what your competitors are doing to rank their pages. POP also details how well your page is optimized for your keyword and what changes you can implement for effective change. It’s like a recipe for improved rankings! POP gives you the tools you need to outperform your competitors in on-page SEO.

POP dashboard

About Kyle Roof

Kyle Roof is one of the most well-known and respected SEOs in the industry praised by Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, Steve Toth from SEO Notebook, Gael and Mark from Authority Hacker, Craig Campbell from Craig Campbell SEO, and featured in Search Engine Journal, Semrush, Godaddy, Ahrefs, and many more.

He has spent the past 10 years running more than 400 scientific SEO tests to better understand Google's algorithm and was awarded a US patent for his specific method of scientific SEO testing. The combined results of those tests became the backbone of POP. Kyle is also a well-respected SEO speaker and trainer, presenting at various industry events around the globe.

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Clint Butler

POP helped us generate quick wins for both our internal and client projects. If you appreciate on page SEO at all, you need to add this to your tool bag right now!

Jeff Lenney

POP has quickly grown to be one of my top 3 "go to" SEO tools, for both affiliate SEO & client work.  Just recently, I was able to take a pretty competitive keyword from #12 (page 2), up to #5 on page 1 in 14 or 15 days.  I'm also using it now for another (even more) competitive keyword and have moved it up the SERPS 2 pages in just 3 days. Customer for life! :-)

Darrel Dressel
Stand Tall Media LLC

After playing with POP, it's pretty obvious that this little tool packs quite the punch. I've managed to secure some pretty sizable wins just through some simple on-page changes that never even occurred to me. No question about it, Kyle's formula for on-page works.

Igor Buyseech
SEO specialist

Shout out to the man Kyle Roof for cranking out such an awesome tool! Got my score from 37% to 85%.. Today I was greeted with this SERPbook notification. Woohoo, 25x traffic for past 2-3 days!

Sherman Hu

Thanks Kyle for developing POP and making a SaaS tool that's easy to understand, execute and deliver great improvements to my on-page results.

Jordan Pierce
Local SERP Geeks USA

This SEO tool tells you EXACTLY what to do for your on page SEO, all you have to do is supply the keyword. The output is concise and accurate and you now know exactly what to do in order to improve your SEO. I have used it many times and each time my results improve. No messing around, no guesswork and no flannel. Love it.

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