Is My Website SEO Optimized? How To Check

POP blog author Kyle Roof
Kyle Roof
January 30, 2022

There are many good reasons for checking whether your website is optimized for SEO. If your site is not sufficiently optimized for SEO, you could be missing out on vital sales and traffic. If you’re running a business with an online presence, it’s essential to do all you can to optimize your visibility on search engines. SEO is all about using relevant keywords, posting informative and useful content, and delivering a positive user experience. So if you’re asking yourself, “Is my website SEO optimized?” then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at some of the major checks you can make right now if you’re wondering whether your site is SEO optimized.

See if your site appears in search engine rankings pages

One of the first steps that you can take is to search for relevant terms that someone might use when they’re looking for a business. For instance, a florist may search for terms like “flower shops” in their city. If you don’t seem to be appearing when people search for such terms, you may need to improve your SEO strategy.

SEO isn’t just about using the right keywords. The biggest search provider takes a range of factors into consideration when determining rankings. Even if you use a host of relevant keywords, this may mean nothing if you’re not taking other important steps to improve your rankings on Google. Mobile-friendliness is now very important. Google is only likely to treat your site favorably if it works well on mobiles and tablets. This means it’s vital to optimize your website for mobile performance if you haven’t already. What also might get you marked down is a slow website that leaves your users frustrated and causes them to go elsewhere. A digital marketing company can carry out an SEO audit for you if you need to find out more about what is and isn’t working in terms of search.

Essential steps to take

Other steps that you can take to boost your performance on the search engines include locating and fixing on-site links that no longer work, using Google Search Console to check and fix crawl errors and investing in an SSL Certificate for your site to show that it’s secure. Duplicate content can also send you plummeting down the rankings, so make sure your blogs, articles, product descriptions, and other web content are unique. Again, a digital marketing company can come to your assistance if you need any help with content writing.

Content and images

It’s important to appreciate the importance of quality content as it can improve your relationship with your customers and establish you as a trustworthy and credible expert in your field. Informative and useful content can also help you win backlinks on high-authority sites, which will also boost your search performance. You should also optimize your images for SEO, so create descriptive file names that tell readers and search bots what your visual content is all about.

If all this seems like hard work, you can outsource much of it to a digital marketing specialist who can complete it on your behalf while you focus on what you do best.

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