How To Fix My SEO

POP blog author Kyle Roof
Kyle Roof
April 18, 2022

Is your website giving your business the desired traffic? Sometimes the traffic may be satisfactory, but the leads and prospects are just not coming in. You may either not be using the right keywords or your website might not be ranking on the SERPs.

There are several issues related to SEO that may be responsible for causing a lack of traffic and conversions for your website. In this article, we’ll take you through the various ways you can fix your SEO and generate traffic as well as leads. However, before you read about the SEO solutions, it would be wise to check out the common issues of the same. So if you’re wondering how to fix my SEO, keep reading.

Unless you know the problems, selecting the right solution may be challenging. Don’t panic if your SEO plan is taking longer to give you the desired results; some issues take longer to resolve than others.

The most discussed issues with SEO

  • Slow website loading speed
  • Missing images and alt tags
  • Copied content / Duplicate website content
  • Missing or incomplete meta descriptions
  • Low performing contact forms
  • Less content/below the average word count
  • Broken or incomplete links
  • Lack of mobile optimization
  • Missing backlinks
  • Lack of HTTP security
  • Unstructured data

Any one or more of these challenges may lead to disruptions on your website and put you down in search engine optimization. Let’s discuss the most common from the above and present solutions to them that will help you and your business achieve SEO success.

How to fix my SEO

Slow website speed

A fast-loading website is vital for any business. No user wishes to wait endlessly for more than a few seconds for the website to load — they will click on another business from their search engine results.

Try the Google Page Speed Insights or similar tools that let you know when your website is not working effectively. You can also find support from your host provider as well as optimizing the images and browser cache for the website so that it runs more efficiently.

Broken of incomplete links

Having many broken links on your website can be a serious issue as it impacts your website’s page authenticity. Site visitors come with high expectations, and broken links may affect their opinion of your website as well as the business itself.

A good console can help you to understand which pages of your website are broken or are returning 404 responses. The tool also helps in fixing the 404 errors.

Copied / Duplicate content

Copied or duplicate content on your website can be bad for your business as it affects your quality and rankings on the search engines. In the worst scenario, Google may also fine your website for imitated content.

Tools such as Copyscape and Sitelinerare of great support as they scrutinize your web content and ensure the website’s originality. You may check on the detailed guide and steps on how you can avail this feature on the web.

Broken images

Do not stuff your site with images that your website is unable to optimize. You may save them for the future when you think of updating your site. There are alternatives on how to fix these with the help of alt tags. Adding alt tags by locating the HTML code of your image is the best solution to solve this issue and fix your SEO rankings.

Average or non-working contact forms

Are you getting sufficient inquiries for your products or services? Is there something wrong with your contact form? Why is it that users are not interested in sharing their comments or queries on your website contact form?Create an appealing contact form with clear instructions. You must also be careful of the details you are asking from the customer; stick to name, email, comments, and phone number if you wish to call them immediately for a service. Anything more on a contact form makes them uneasy to disclose.


These are the most common issues with SEO and the simplest ways to resolve them. If you need more detailed assistance on how to fix your website’s SEO issues, reach out to an SEO expert today.

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