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Get a glimpse into the power of the on-page SEO tool PageOptimizer Pro, with our powerful, free SEO checker and see how your website pages stack up against competitors.

How does POP on page SEO checker work?

Step 1

Enter the target keyword you would like to rank for.

Step 2

Add the URL of the page you want to rank for in the SERPs.

Step 3

Select the target region (EU, US, Australia, UK, Canada, Asia, and South America).

What is a PageOptimizer Pro On Page SEO Checker?

The POP On-Page SEO Checker is a powerful free tool that compares your page against top-ranking competitors and shows how well your site’s page is optimized.

Google is simply an algorithm, it’s math - which means we can deduce the meaningful ranking variables for specific keywords. By meeting the on-page signals that Google measures to rank your site's top competitors (which are the factors measured by PageOptimizer Pro) our SEO Checker helps you discover how to outrank them in the search results.

Check your on page optimization score

The analyzer will check your site’s page against the top ten competitor pages and then give you an on-page optimization score. The POP on page SEO Checker will tell you how well your page is optimized for the search term or long-tail keywords you want to rank for in Google.

If you would like to get an in-depth on-page analysis, and recommendations on how to improve your overall optimization score, sign up for a POP free trial. POP will show you the exact steps needed to get your website ranking higher.

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What is on page SEO optimization score?

In POP, we show what we’ve called an “on-page optimization score”. Once you've run your website page for the first time, our SEO checker gives an optimization score for your page, along with recommendations on how to improve it. This score is based solely on on-page signals, rather than off-page or technical SEO ones, so you start making changes to the page right away.

What does it show?

If your page score is 80% and above, the on-page signals are optimized pretty well in line with what Google is rewarding for the term.

If your score is below 80%, your page needs some on-page SEO work. After you’ve run the SEO checker, you can try to optimize the website page on your own and re-run the checker, for an updated analysis.

Alternatively, you can create a free PageOptimizer Pro account, follow the POP recommendations, then re-run the report to watch the score improve.

What is POP?

POP is an on page SEO tool that helps web marketers produce perfectly optimized pages for Google with ease. POP tells you exactly which signals to optimize and monitor in order to rank better in Google: keywords, keyword variations, LSI terms, word count range, header tags, schema, E-E-A-t and more.

7 day free trial

We built this page using POP

Here is exactly how we did it...

Step 1: competitor site SEO analysis

We started off by creating a blueprint for this page. We chose the target keyword "on page SEO checker", then selected the top ten competitors currently ranking for this keyword in the search results. POP analyzed their pages and gave us recommendations on how to create a perfectly optimized page from scratch - the exact kind of page that Google is rewarding for this search term.

Step 2: optimize the site's on page content

We followed the POP recommendations and created the first version of the SEO checker by adding the required number of different types of tags, signals, and words.

Below you can see the page's SEO analysis excel report, along with guidelines we downloaded from POP. The current tab shows the target keyword, target word count, and the number of important terms that should be added to the Page Title, Subheadings, and main content.

POP SEO analysis excel export

The supporting subparagraphs as given to us by the tool were the following: "What is an SEO checker?", "How does an SEO checker work?", "What does an on-page checker analyze?", "What is an on-page SEO checker"?, "How do I analyze SEO for my website", "How can I check my website SEO?"

As you see, we've used these sub titles to create the structure for this website page.

On February 2nd, we applied the suggested changes, re-ran the page in POP, and got an optimization score of 83.6% for this page, Free SEO Checker.

Step 3: re-run for new competitor pages in Google search

By the beginning of March, three new competitors started ranking on page one of Google. As a result, the page score went down from 83.6% to 32% and we had to adjust the on-page SEO according to the analysis of the new competitors’ pages. We applied the recommended changes and the score went back to the green zone (82.9%).

POP score re-run

Step 4: continuously test and optimize your site's content

This page is still in its early days, but if you found it through a search engine, that’s because of POP! Every few months we come back and test the site in POP, checking for changes. We then update our site's pages with the latest POP recommendations, to account for any site changes made by our competitors.

POP is for...

PageOptimizer Pro is for anyone who publishes content on the web and wants it to rank better in Search Engines. Most users find that they see fast ranking improvements after using POP on their target web pages and sites.

SEO pro

As an SEO agency ourselves, we run POP on every single page we work on to give us peace of mind that the on-page SEO is generating the maximum bang for the buck.


Keep your SEO agency or online marketing team in check and verify their writing is well optimized for Google. Present easy-to-understand metrics to non SEO’s to get management buy-in.


Now you too can publish high-quality content to the web like a seasoned SEO pro. Use POP to show your clients that the content you are writing is SEO optimized, boost your reputation, expand your audience, and increase your prices!


Use PageOptimizer Pro to easily demonstrate to prospects why they need to hire you. Follow the tool’s recommendations, then use the improvements in the optimization score to show your clients how much you’ve improved their content from an SEO perspective. They’ll never leave!

Affiliate marketer

Pimp the on-page SEO on your site’s pages that are already converting but just need more traffic. With simple to implement page tweaks and no link building or off-page SEO required, you’ll be amazed at the fast improvements you can get to your site’s traffic and rankings.

SEO freelancer

Many SEO analysis tools are expensive - costing well over $100 a month. POP gives you actionable data to get wins for clients at a fraction of the cost. Give your clients data-driven reports so they can understand and see objectively how much value you provide!

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