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A 25% recurring commission

You get a recurring, lifetime 25% commission from every sale that’s generated through your affiliate code. 

Real-time stats

Know exactly who signed up through your affiliate link and how much you earned inside your affiliate dashboard.

Science behind POP

POP's proprietary on-page analysis algorithms use something called ‘edge analysis’, which has been proven to provide far superior on-page optimization for SEO to average-based optimization, which most similar tools use. So you promote the tool that’s scientifically proven to help people rank in Google.

Promotional materials

We’ve created an affiliate resources hub to give you all the resources to make your affiliate efforts minimal and your promotional content profitable. It can be accessed once you’ve been approved as an affiliate.

Reliable support

Our experienced support team is there to help you. We always have your back because our partnership with you matters.

How to Get Started

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Once you apply to the program, we’ll review your application and contact you within the next 2-3 business days.

Promote POP

Use your unique affiliate link in your content. Take full advantage of the POP resources hub to make promoting easy.

Get paid

Earn a recurring lifetime commission for every customer you get.

Why do top affiliates choose POP?

David Attard

POP is my go to tool

"POP is my go to tool when I need to make sure there are no gaps when compared to my competitors in ALL on page aspects.

Page Optimizer Pro is the MOST comprehensive tool when it comes to more "subtle" issues such as correct schema, E-A-T signals and the more common issues such as the presence of specific keywords and ratios.

Once all POP issues are resolved, only then do I start looking elsewhere for problems."

Henning Geiler

All I can say is that POP works. Period.

"First off, POP was the first SEO software that I have used where you can really see what your changes are doing. Once I reach a high optimization score (usually > 90%), I can literally watch my page bypass the competition in the next few days. Competitors that always ranked higher than my site, dropped below my positions. All I can say is that POP works. Period. I have gained Google 1 to 3 positions on important, crucial keywords."

Everhardt Strauss

My 5th? year of renewal and I do not see it coming to an end

"POP is one of those ninja tools that 'luckily' only serious SEO's tend to use. I have used reports from POP to close some of the largest clients I have ever worked with. I love POP, this will be my 5th? year of renewal and I do not see it coming to an end. Kyle Roof and his team have done a fantastic job."

Rebecca Jones

I couldn't be a bigger fan of POP

"POP has been an amazing blog tool. I am new to learning SEO, building a blog and using POP. But in the short time I've used it, it has helped me publish articles that are making the top 10 for their keywords without backlinks or a well established website.

In addition to the tool, the access to help via the Facebook group and the live streams are excellent support. I couldn't be a bigger fan of POP!"

Kalin Marinov

Selling an average of 30 more vehicles per month

"Until recently, I used to work for a company that owns 50 dealerships in the US. For the first six months, I wrote content for the dealership and optimized it with POP.

One day I received a thank-you email from the general manager: they were selling an average of 30 more vehicles per month! This is just one of many examples that I have since I started using POP four years ago."

Cris Carillo

From a good business to an extremely busy and very profitable venture

"After reworking our pages through POP for the proper structure and content, nearly every, if not all, of our page 2 and 3+ listings broke onto page 1. Most landed above the fold.

We had a hockey stick response in traffic. Within weeks, this took our company from a good business to an extremely busy and very profitable venture."

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